5 postive questions to help change your inner voice.

Jessie was abused as a child. Her mother Susan neglected her, emotionally abused her and never had a connection with Jessie. As is turns out, Jessie’s inner voice is full of I can’t, I am not good, I am not enough. This has lead Jessie to feeling anxious and depressed throughout her life. Having a hard time in relationships, handling stressful situations and motivating herself to get up each morning.

Coming into my office she had almost given up. However, she is having a little girl of her own and wants to make some changes. It is important to Jessie to discontinue the cycle of abuse that has suppressed her family for generations. The reality is we can’t change another people’s behavior or the past. We can only change our own behavior. So, for Jessie, she has to change her thoughts and her behaviors if she wants to break this cycle.

First, she has to work on her inner voice. Jessie has an education, a good job that provides insurance and benefits, her own apartment, a paid off car.  I think she is doing well for herself. But what I think doesn’t matter. She needs to believe that she is doing well. So, this is where the affirmations will help. Jessie has to ask herself questions. What am I happy about? What am I proud of myself for? Am I a giving person? Do I help others? Am I caring? And the list can go on. When she answers these questions she will find out great qualities about herself then, she can start believing the affirmations such as, “I love myself because I believe in peace and joy.” Jessie can use these affirmations each day to remind herself of the accomplishments and positive things in her life. When people start hearing positive things and believing positive things, that is when change will happen.

What does your inner voice tell you?  Is it positive? Is it negative?  How do you change it? So many people will say, read affirmations, do meditation, think positive. HOW is the part no one discus’s? I am going to help figure out how.

Here are 5 questions to ask yourself when trying to change your inner voice.

1. What am I grateful for?
2. What am I good at?
3. Have I helped someone lately?
4. What do I like about myself?
5. What makes me happy?

Jot down the answers to these questions and you are on the path to changing your inner voice.

Come find your inner balance,


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